New York Snap Benefits: New Program To Double Snap Value, Increase Farmer’s Revenue 

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A new program that makes New York Snap Benefits double the buying capacity at farmers’ markets across New York State.

New York Snap Benefits
New York Snap Benefits: A New Program To Double Snap Value And Increase Farmer’s Revenue (PHOTO: Spectrum News)

New York Snap Benefits

A new program in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) allows recipients to double the buying power at farmers’ markets across New York State. The program is called FreshConnect Fresh2You.

Spectrum Local News reported that Governor Kathy Hochul of New York announced Wednesday that the New York Snap Benefits program offers an expanded dollar-for-dollar match that will boost the buying power of SNAP recipients at farmers’ markets, was launched to offset the recent reduction in the federal government’s SNAP benefits, as well as provide an increase in revenue for New York’s farmers and boost local food sourcing.

Moreover, Hochul declared that New York had created significant measures to develop close mutually-beneficial relations with local farmers and the communities they feed.

Furthermore, the FreshConnect Fresh2You initiative prioritizes New Yorkers to earn more money to spend on healthy foods like dairy, meat, produce, and more while creating greater health outcomes, an economic boost to New York’s farmers, and a stronger food supply chain.

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When Will The FreshConnect Fresh2You Initiative Starts?

The new matching plan will take effect on April 15 for New York Snap Benefits called FreshConnect Fresh2You initiative to start giving SNAP beneficiaries at any participating farmers’ markets a$2 checks for every $2 spent as part of the SNAP program, for every $5 spent will gain up from $2. 

Vendors selling SNAP-eligible food items at farmer’s markets might be eligible to receive the FreshConnect Check and take part in the program.

Additionally, ManhattanTimes News reported that the check could also be utilized to purchase qualifying foods, including dairy, produce, meats, fish, eggs, as well as other items.

Veterans, service members, and their immediate families are also eligible for the FreshConnect Checks program to use the benefits at New York State farmers’ markets, farm stands, and mobile markets.

Veterans can benefit from FreshConnect coupons worth $50 this year at the office of the New York State Department of Veterans Services.

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