Texas Woman Kills Husband Through Insulin Poisoning

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A Texas woman allegedly killed her fifth husband with insulin nearly five years after shooting and killing her then-fiance, ostensibly in self-defense.

Texas woman
While Sarah Hartsfield faces murder charges in Texas, authorities in Minnesota have reopened an investigation into the 2018 shooting death of the Texas woman’s ex-lover. (Photo by Chambers County Sheriff’s Office)

According to some accounts, Sarah Hartsfield, a 48-year-old ex-US Army sergeant, is suspected of killing her diabetic husband, Joseph Hartsfield, by injecting him with excessive doses of insulin and forgetting to dial 911 until it was too late.

Officials told ABC13 in Houston that the 46-year-old’s insulin levels were extraordinarily high around four to six hours before his wife called for assistance in the January event. His glucose monitor had raised an alert long before she made an effort to call for help.

While Hartsfield is detained in the Chambers County Jail, Minnesota authorities have reopened an investigation into the shooting death of her ex-fiance David Bragg in 2018. 

Even though the event wasn’t her first run-in with the police, it’s unclear what new information Minnesota detectives acquired that led them to revisit the investigation.

Texas Woman Kills 5th Husband With Insulin

Prosecutors said that the Texas woman, who has been married five times, used insulin to allegedly murder her diabetic husband.

Fox News (via Yahoo! News) reported Sarah Hartsfield, a 48-year-old former Army sergeant who resides in Chamber County, Texas, faced murder chargers after allegedly poisoning Joseph Hartsfield with excessive quantities of insulin.

According to his obituary, Joseph passed away in a hospital “due to complications of an ischemic stroke, with his loving wife at his side.”

Soldier Hartsfield’s former military boss, Cpt. Alfonz Markovics, even told KPRC 2 that it was more of a surprise that officials arrested the Texas woman.

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Former Relationships

Hollywood Unlocked noted that investigators reopened their investigation into the death of the Texas woman’s ex-fiancé David Bragg, whom she was suspected of shooting and killing back in 2018.

Hartsfield also allegedly left behind a “pattern of spousal abuse and threats” against her four former partners.

Apart from her incidents with her fifth husband, who passed away, and her ex-fiance, who also passed away, Hartsfield, who was in her 20s at the time and went by the name Sarah Donahue, was detained on March 11, 1996, for allegedly assaulting her second husband, Michael Traxler, at their Rio Bonito home.

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