18 Tourist Died In Mexico Due To A Fatal Bus Crash

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Eighteen tourists died in Mexico on Saturday night when the bus fell into a ravine while transiting between Tepic, the state capital, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s tourist destination.

Tourist Died In Mexico
18 Tourist Died In Mexico Due to A Fatal Bus Crash (PHOTO: Eagle News)

Tourists Died In Mexico Bus Crash

A local official told AFP on Sunday that a bus crashed into a ravine in the western state of Nayarit, which is why tourists died in Mexico while two dozen were injured.

The Straits Times reported that civil protection official Pedro Nunez announced that the company-owned bus that transporting tourists on a 220km journey from Guadalajara in the neighboring state of Jalisco to the beach destination of Guayabitos in Nayarit when went off the road.

Moreover, the cause of the incident was still not identified. All 18 tourists died in Mexico and those injured were all Mexican nationals, said Nunez.

Authorities claimed that 11 women and 7 men died and 11 minors have been sent to hospitals for medical treatment.

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Tourist Died In Mexico Due To Another Bus Crash

Another set of tourist died in Mexico while they were on their way to a pilgrimage from the state of Michoacán to the sanctuary of Chalma, 50 kilometers away from Mexico City. The bus was carrying 19 passengers who died and 30 passengers were injured.

The driver noticed that while driving between the town of Joquicingo and Malinalco, he could not stop the bus because he loses the brakes which leads to crashing the bus against a building.

Breaking latest news reported that at least 13 bodies were still trapped in the twisted metal a few hours after the crash, while the injured were rushed to a nearby hospital by ambulances and even two helicopters.

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