Ukrainian Journalist Shot Dead By A Sniper In ambush Near Kherson

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A Ukrainian journalist has been shot dead by Russian snipers in Ukraine while working as a fixer for Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper.

Ukrainian Journalist
Ukrainian Journalist Shot Dead By A Sniper In ambush Near Kherson (PHOTO: BBC)

Ukrainian Journalist Shot Dead by Russian Snipers

A Ukrainian journalist Corrado Zunino and his fixer Bogdan Bitik are working with reporters for La Repubblica and were victims of an ambush near the bridge in Kherson by Russian snipers, the newspaper said. 

Moreover, both Ukrainian journalists wearing bulletproof vests with “Press” written on them.

However, Ukrainian journalist Bitik died and left behind his wife and son, while Zunino, who was injured and hit in the shoulder, is in the civil hospital in Kherson for treatment, the Italian newspaper said on Wednesday.

The two Ukrainian journalists, Zunino and Bitik, were attacked by a Russian sniper near the Antonivskyi bridge across the Dnipro River near the Ukrainian-held city of Kherson, which lies on the river’s west bank.

When Russian Troops withdrew across the river in November, they destroyed the bridge. According to BBC News, Ukrainian forces are reportedly setting up their position on the eastern bank nearby.

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Ukrainian Journalist Corrado Zunino’s Statements

According to Zunino, in a telephone discussion with his newspaper, he claimed they passed three checkpoints “without a problem,” and the Ukrainian military allowed them to get through the site.

Ukrainian journalist then heard a “hiss” and saw Bitik instantly dean on the ground. “We were shot! I saw Bogdan on the ground; he wasn’t moving and answering when I tried to call him several times,” he said. Zunino also added that Bitik was one of his great friends.

Zunino then crawled out of the scene while he got shot in his right shoulder and ran until he came across a civilian’s car. Zunino is receiving medical treatment in a hospital in Kherson for his injuries.

Bitik’s body is difficult to recover, the newspaper said, because of Russian snipers.

The Guardian reported that Antonio Tajani, the foreign minister of Italy, noted that the hid ministry and the Italian embassy in Kyiv were coordinating together along with the Ukrainian authorities to help Zunino return to Italy.

The Russians were responsible for slaying and injuring the two Ukrainian journalists, according to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, and shared information with Italian media.

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