Woman Dies In Medan Airport After Falling Into Lift Shaft

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A woman died after falling into a lift shaft at Medan Airport in Indonesia and was found 3 days after the accident.

Medan Airport
Woman Dies In Medan Airport After Falling Into Lift Shaft (PHOTO: South China Morning Post)

Body Of Woman Found 3 Days At Medan Airport

Aisiah Sinta Dewi Hasibuan was the woman who fell into a lift shaft in Kualanamu Airport, Medan and only discovered on April 27, three days after the unfortunate accident.

The Straits Times reported that the Medan Airport CCTV footage on the lift shows that Hasibuan can be seen walking into the double-sided lift through the doors on the right at about 8:24 PM Indonesian time on April 24.

When she entered the lift she is unaware that the doors behind her had opened seconds earlier and Hasibuan pressed buttons in the lift before making a call on her phone. However, when the doors open, Hasibuan then takes a step forward and falls directly into the depths of the lift shaft.

The CCTV footage was also circulating online and it’s unclear how the clip found its way online.

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Hasibuan’s Body Was Taken To A Hospital For Forensic Examination

Hasibuan body was found trapped at the bottom of the lift shaft, and the Kualanamu Medan Airport security team retrieve her body only for a five-hour operation.

Asia One News reported that the Deli Serdang police chief claimed the cause of death could not be confined, and they would have to wait for the results of the forensic examination performed by the hospital.

Dedi Al Subur the head of corporate communications at the Medan airport claimed that the lift was not working properly when Hasibuan fell from the lift.

Hasibuan’s brother Raja Hasibuan expressed his words regarding the incident that the Medan Airport has “poor elevator security.”

However, the family complained that they still had not received news on Ms Aisiah’s cause of death and they wanted to report the management of the airport to the police, according to the brother.

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